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After the strangeness that was a world-wide pandemic, life on the farm has settled back into just the normal amount of craziness and although there is war, a cost of living crisis and a new Prime Minister every five minutes, being able to see people together, smiles and the sound of laughter really does brighten up each day.  It is something we will never take for granted.  

We are still aiming to become website wizards, but until then we rely on the children to teach us about social media, what a reel is and our tik from our tok, while we continue to do as all farmer's do - complain about the weather!

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Online Shop

Now you can experience all the delights of Roots, without having to leave the house.


Coffee Shop

Orders now taken at The Hatch with seating in The Parlour, Undercover and outdoors 

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Farm Shop

Supporting local has never tasted so good, why not visit & become part of the Roots Family?

Meeting Space

Meeting Space

We have had to use The Parlour for our coffee shop space, but never fear The Tractor Shed is a perfect space for Birthday Parties, meetings, fitness classes etc

More information coming soon

Animal Feed

Don't forget it is not just delicious treats for yourself, we have feed for all the family favourites too.


The Mounts

On a family run farm, Roots welcomes everyone into the family.  Meet the Mounts.


Tuesday - Saturday – 9am – 4pm

Sunday - 10am - 2:00pm

Deliveries available Tuesday - Friday

Covid Update

It is still here but we live with it and have embraced the changes it brought with it.  We continue to work safely, our staff and customers health and safety is the most important thing to us.  As life has gone back to the new normal remember we are at the end of the phone or an email, so please just give us a call, if you are struggling to get out, feeling unwell etc.

Thank you for your continued support we really appreciate it, as a small team it means the world to us and we will continue to do all we can to maintain a superior service. 

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