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for horses, dogs, cats, birds...

The Feed shed

The most important things in many people's lives are their pets, from rabbits, cats, dogs and horses to chicken, sheep, pigs and alpacas.  The Feedshed caters for the needs of our beloved friends.

What started as horse feeds and supplements along with hay and straw has continued to grow and continues to adapt.

Recently we have introduced the reuse of bags for hay, straw and shavings so as to help reduce the amount of plastic used on the farm and waste to go in your recycling.  If there are ideas of products you would like to see us stock just let one of the team know and we will see what we can do, we order twice a week and love a special request.


Currently the doors to the feedshed are being kept closed to reduce movement in line with Covid19 Safety Measures, however we are very much still selling from the Feedshed, just ask one of the team and they will get your products for you.


Coming soon an online order form for the Feedshed (it is so hard to list everything but we are trying, so watch this space) 

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