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The Parlour

A great place to meet or watch the world go by 

The Roots café started as a corner of the farm shop, expanding into the shop, which is always how we envisaged the space, people enjoying both the shop and coffee shop at the same time.  This of course all changed when Covid hit the UK and we had to close the doors on the coffee shop for a while. 


When the world started to get back to normal we opened up The Hatch, offering a take away service which turned into an ordering spot for people to eat outside or in the undercover area.  We still have this but it is chilly in the winter so we converted what was our meeting space into today's cafe. 


The Parlour as you can tell by its name was our old milking parlour, for at least 3 generations Mount's milked in the pit that has now been filled to make the room you sit in today, we have kept as many of the original features as possible - just look up!

Although the room has changed, the menu has, the ordering system and even some staff have, there is one thing that will always remain the same and that is being able to offer you the chance to enjoy a little bit of 'me' time with us.

Drinks, Breakfast, Lunch & Sunday Brunch Menu

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