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2020 The Year for Random Acts of Kindness

This year our bins go out more than us, but that won't stop us coming together to help each other out

Each year at Roots we hold events with proceeds going towards a charity that means a lot of a member of the team, the family or the wider Roots Family.


This year things have been turned on their head, events have been cancelled and postponed and although charity work is still vital it is not something we can do currently on the Farm, but that doesn't mean 2020 will be a year we can't help people ......

We have decided this year is all about helping out The Roots Family, so if you have small business that has struggled due to the pandemic, had great service from someone locally or watched people do a great job and you think they should get some recognition please let us know and we will add to Facebook and onto our website and try and spread the word.

Or if you are looking for someone to carry out a job, you never know one of the Roots Family could be that person.


We will add logo's and links to this page and hopefully, it will make a difference, as even if just one person shares or likes it gets those names out there for people and then all we can do is hope, hope that it has helped just a little bit, as every little helps!

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